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What do the Results of the Attack Indicate re Israel's Preparedness for the Iranian threat?

Israel nearly intercepted 100% of the Iranian barrage, demonstrating that the protection it offers its citizens is currently the best in the world, even though it is not flawless. But what can be inferred about Israel's capacity to handle the Iranian ring of fire over the long term?

The answer is not much. This is not only because the test Israel successfully navigated yesterday did not expose the full extent of Iranian military capabilities, but primarily because success against Iran will be assessed not so much on a military level but rather on social and economic dimensions.

Iranian octopus

Iran's strategy is not focused on achieving a military victory, but on breaking the spirit of Israeli society. Through a prolonged war of attrition, Iran aims to weaken Israel's economy, intensify internal disputes, and isolate the country.

Addressing this challenge necessitates security, economic, political, and diplomatic preparations for a prolonged period of instability and disruption. Developing new knowledge and language for an unfamiliar reality is essential. The confusing response, such as shutting down all educational systems, for example, does not bode well. Israel must adapt to an emergency routine and maintain functional continuity, rather than effectively shutting down the economy every time there is an escalation - because there will be many more disruptions along the way.

The key to managing this complex challenge lies primarily in the ability of Israeli society to develop resilience, to believe in the righteousness of its path, and to maintain social cohesion In a protracted and grueling war, Israeli leadership should unequivocally prioritize every dimension directly related to achieving victory in the campaign, including the distribution of the service burden among the ultra-Orthodox and the allocation of government resources.

These capabilities have yet to be fully tested.


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