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Why did I Pick Pomegranates Yesterday? (Personal Message)

The reason why we did not send an update yesterday is that I took a day off to volunteer in agriculture in the western Negev. 



It all started on Friday, when I was at the "Shuk" in Givataim and I asked for red chili. I did not expect the vender's answer - "There isn't any". It turns out his supplier is a farm located in the Western Negev, few miles from Gaza. The farm's primary working force is consisted of workers coming on a work permit from Thailand. On October 7, six of them were murdered, one of them was even photographed with his head cut off.


The vender continued: "Do you know 'Uncle Moshe?'" Every Israeli knows Uncle Moshe's brand with an illustration of his smiling face ... "He was also murdered" the vender continued.


On the larger picture, the war had a huge effect on Israeli agriculture sector. Many of the foreign workers returned to their home countries, and farmers left helpless. For now, only 'battalions' of Israeli volunteers are saving Israeli agriculture.


So yesterday I volunteered at Moshav Yesha in the western Negev and picked pomegranates. On October 7 a squad of ten terrorists infiltrated Moshav Yesha, killed three members of the rapid response civilian squad. More so, three young men from the village were killed at the 'Nova' music festival, one of them is the brother of the owner of the pomegranate orchard.

The exemplary organization of civilian infrastructure left me stunned. Every day thousands of volunteers from all over the country are being distribute by civil society organizations to the fields and Orchards in the south to give relief and aid to the struggling farmers. 


This is Zionism at its core.

Israeli society is revealed in all its glory in these difficult moments.





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