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The Israeli Abyss of 2023 is turning into the Great Year of Peoplehood

Previous rounds of military clashes between Israel and its neighbors have emphasized the support of the Jewish world, but also served as a catalyst to widening the gap between Israel and many Jews who had criticsm over Israeli policy. This war is different, other than very few extreme and marginal groups, the support and identification with Israel of Jews worldwide is from wall to wall. In the terrible tragedy that Israel is going through, there is also a great opportunity to rejuvenate Jewish identity around Israel.


In an era when it's often claimed that the bond between the global Jewish community and Israel is weakening, we are witnessing a remarkable transformation. Hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets, participating in solidarity rallies, and contributing millions of dollars to support the state of Israel.


World heart shaped with star of david

 This support is not merely philanthropic; it carries significant political weight. Community relations organizations have taken the lead, engaging with officials and leaders of other minority groups. To date, close to $500 million has been raised for this cause by Jewish communal organizations in North America.


In recent years, the Jewish diaspora in the United States seemed to be drifting away from Israel, with some openly discussing a post-Israel era, namely calls to construct Jewish identity that is not refering to Israel as a cornerstone. However, 2023, one of the most challenging years in Israel's history, is shaping up to be a year of renewed peoplehood.


Even the protest against the judicial reform contributed to the connection of many Jews to Jewish communities or activities. Many Israelis living outside of Israel, became the backbone of a global movement that drew in many Jews, not just former Israelis, who were not connected to community structures. And now, the Hamas pogrom sparked collective trauma among Jews everywhere, creating a sense of shared destiny.


The catalyst for this awakening is the realization that there is an existential threat to world Jewry. What these two processes have done is awaken the dormant majority  within the global Jewish community, those who silently felt engaged with Israel.


Even many critical progressive Jews are now awaken. Many progressive Jews are increasingly realizing that the current progressive discourse unfairly singles out Israel.


The automatic support for Hamas by some progressives has made many progressive Jews recognize that the current progressive discourse erases their unique identity and the challenges faced by Israel. It fails to capture the nuances around the establishment and existence of the State of Israel and Jewish identity.


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