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Standing in Solidarity with Palestine: What's the “Context”?

Two incidents took me out of my peace of mind this week:


First, one of the subscribers to our newsletter asked me to remove him from the mailing list (can’t understand the motivation...but it is a legitimate act) but he also chose to sign his email with “Free Palestine”.


Second, a post from a British leftist, someone I once regarded as a voice of reason within the left. This individual displayed the Palestinian flag in a gesture of solidarity.


Wheel chair in the ruins of Israel

Under different circumstances, I would have understood these, or seen them as legit. But not in the shadow of the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7th, and certainly not in the face of the left's hypocritical response to these events. To use the same argument that they would probably use, these expressions of solidarity has context.


On October 7, Hamas launched mass murder of innocent civilians, massacred them in their beds,  tortured women, the elderly, and children and kidnapped hundreds of Israeli citizens. Entire families were wiped out, communities were destroyed, women were raped, bodies were maimed, infants were massacred in front of the eyes of their parents, who were then killed. Yet, in the aftermath, parts of the left in the West have either remained silent, offered justifications, or worse, celebrated these acts as resistance.


The hypocrisy is glaring. When a leftist writes Free Palestine or posts a Palestinian flag in solidarity without acknowledging the pain and terror inflicted upon Israeli civilians, it demonstrates, at best, the acute absence of ethical clarity and selective blindness, or at worse, a very clear ideological framework of antisemitism.



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