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Between Soloveitchik and Hamas: The Unique Role of the Jewish People as Champions of Truth

In these challenging times, Israel and Jews worldwide face a toxic combination of warfare and a surge in antisemitism. The situation is worsened by an inability of many outside the Jewish community to comprehend these threats in a moral and ethical context. With bewilderment and frustration, we observe the prevalence of double standards and stigmas that shape perceptions of Israel and Jewish life in the diaspora. It is imperative for us to recognize that the Jewish people have a historical mission: to serve as a pillar of truth and moral integrity in a world increasingly obscured by misinformation and prejudice.


The late Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik identified two key aspects of Jewish belonging. The first is the Covenant of Fate (brit goral), which unites Jews through their shared history and the common threats they face. The second is the Covenant of Destiny (brit yeud), whereby the Jewish people share a collective vision and mission in the world.


In the midst of a rise in antisemitism, Rabbi Soloveitchik encouraged his Orthodox Jewish peers to acknowledge the Covenant of Fate they shared with their secular counterparts. In the same way, the recent march on Washington Mall, for example, symbolizes a strong demonstration of Jewish unity in support of Israel and illustrates our Covenant of Fate. 


Drawing of soldiers

To our amazement, however, we are often misunderstood in a world that is increasingly clouded by misinformation, bias, and moral inclarity. Many of our non-Jewish acquaintances hesitate to show solidarity or even acknowledge our grief. This silence is not just hurtful but also contributes to a dangerous narrative that often blames Israel or falsely equates its actions with those of terrorist organizations.


The characterization of Jews as white and privileged frames antisemitism as a problem of the rich. Misconceptions not only distort reality but also deepen the sense of isolation felt by our community. The ‘tacit bias’ against Jews extends to the media, the corporate world, campuses and trade unions. 


In many of these spaces, Jews report hostility or a disturbing tolerance towards prejudiced comments in the name of ensuring a ‘balanced approach.' The embrace of misinformation and lies has become the norm. Outrageous false claims serve to dehumanize Israel and Jews.


The Jewish people must not be deterred by the ease with which, fabrication gain traction. It is time for to step up and protect our values, which were meant to align with universal values, though the world seems to be veering off course. Our Covenant of Destiny is to serve ethical principles as a guiding light of truth in an era increasingly mired in falsehoods and prejudice. It is our moral duty to champion this cause in the world. This is our contemporary tikkun olam.  We stand as the final bastion in defense of common sense.


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