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The Parliament of Atchalta: Brainstorming session on national resilience & social cohesion

Last week, Atchalta hosted a brainstorming session focused on the themes of national resilience and social cohesion in Israel. We brought together 20 esteemed social leaders for a structured dialogue aimed at dissecting these critical issues. Over the coming days and weeks, we will be sharing insights and key takeaways from our discussions and analysis.

We'll delve into why we believe Israel might be on the brink of another wave of societal polarization, the challenges that could potentially weaken the unity forged after October 7th, and what our comprehensive mapping project has revealed about the initiatives targeting social polarization, including the structural hurdles they face. Additionally, we will explore the inherent forces within Israeli society that could serve as pillars of cohesion.

We will be sharing with you Atchalta's innovative approach to addressing these challenges: "The Constructive Tribalism" Top-Down Model. This model aims to foster a new consensus and equilibrium among diverse groups, rejuvenating the concept of "Mamlachtiyut." It emphasizes the importance of local soft power in strengthening local leadership, bypassing the need for broad legislative actions, and highlights the crucial role of world Jewry in this endeavor—an untapped resource in fortifying Israel's societal fabric.

A brainstorming session Atchalta
A brainstorming session Atchalta


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