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Our Story

The gate keeper of Israel's national security & resilience & social cohesion


Atchalta is a non-partisan, Zionist non-profit organization dedicated to being the guardians of national security, resilience, and social cohesion in Israel.

Structured as both a think tank and an action-oriented entity, Atchalta generates innovative knowledge while actively ensuring the practical implementation of its ideas and solutions. We support both formal and informal leaders within Israel and the broader Jewish community.

Our core competency lies in the creation of new knowledge for tangible impact. Drawing on Zvi Lanir's Strategic Surprise theory, our approach is designed to reveal overlooked blind spots and challenge prevailing misconceptions, potentially catching Israeli and Jewish leadership off guard globally.

Such blind spots are present within accessible knowledge domains, yet are often disregarded or filtered out due to their incongruence with our established worldview. Our methodology excels at detecting and articulating this implicit knowledge.

Our methodology employs mind mapping software and generative AI language models to meticulously analyze reality. This process allows us to delineate current reality perceptions, uncover hidden insights, identify inherent biases, and devise strategic responses.


Subsequently, we strive to actualize our solutions and insights through direct engagement with Israeli and Jewish leaders, alongside efforts in public affairs, community engagement, education, marketing, training, and coalition-building.

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Meet Our Team

CEO Founder Eran Shayson
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Eran Shayshon

Eran Shayshon is the founder and CEO of Atchalta. Beforehand, Eran served for six years as the CEO of the Reut Group, an impact and leadership group. Eran has been leading Reut’s work in the fields of national resilience, antisemitism, national security, Israel’s relations with the Jewish world, and socio-economic development. Between 2013-17 Eran worked at APCO Worldwide, a global business diplomacy firm, advising clients on issue management, political risk analysis, global communication strategy, and government relations. Eran initiated APCO Innovate - a unique model to help governments create an innovation ecosystem. Eran serves as a board member for non-profit organizations and companies in Israel, including The Israel Institute for Innovative Diplomacy Ltd. (C.C) and the Public Council of the Arava Institute. He is an alumni of the U.S State Department's International Visitor Leadership Program on 'International Security Issues.’ Eran is a frequent guest speaker in international conferences and the leading author of many articles published in Israeli media and internationally, including in Haaretz, Ynet, Maariv, The Marker, Globes, the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Chronicle (UK), The Jewish Journal (LA) and the JTA. Eran has been interviewed and cited in various leading newspapers, radio and TV shows such as: Newsweek, Forward, CBC, New York Times, NPR. Eran holds an MBA in International Management, an M.A. in Middle East Studies (with honors), and a B.A. in International Relations (with honors), both from the Hebrew University. Anecdotes: Eran is a Marathon runner, a homemade-beer brewer and the leading star in a documentary that followed his personal search for lost relatives as a result of the Holocaust.

Deputy CEO Dor Lasker
Nir Tzuk
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Dor Lasker

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Nir Tzuk

Dor Lasker Esq. is an influential leader in social activism within Israel and the Jewish global community, with a rich background in nonprofit management, policy advocacy, government relations, law, education, and multi-stakeholder process leadership. Dor aims to shape the future of Israeli society through his work. Professionally, Dor has managed significant social campaigns in Israel, including a notable role as Deputy CEO and field manager at 'Mereshem', the Israeli medical interns' organization, where he played a key role in the campaign to shorten the 26-hour shifts for interns. Dor later served as the Director of Public Policy Department at the Israeli Religious Action Center (IRAC), where he played a significant role in multiple advocacy campaigns in the field of religious and state in Israel. Dor is currently pursuing an online Master's degree in Education at George Washington University, focusing on Jewish and Israel education for the Jewish diaspora and in Israel. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Law and Middle Eastern Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and has been a registered attorney since April 2018.

Our Board

Roi Mekler Esq. founded the Collaborative Laboratory for Social Innovation - UJA Federation of New York flagship initiative, managed JDC government forums, and established and managed AMI - National Alliance Strengthening World Jewry Connectivity. Following AMi Roi convened the President's Initiative. Roi also facilitates senior officials trainings at Harvard executives programs and lectures on social innovation and effective collaboration.

Yael Brandl is the director of the Academy-Employment Initiative, a joint venture of the Ministry of Labor and the Edmund de Rothschild Center for Higher Education-Employment Connection, the first pilot of its kind to improve employment in academic institutions in Israel with an emphasis on diverse populations. She previously served as the director of the Strategy Department at the Kiryat Malachi Municipality and worked for many years at the Reut Institute for Strategic Planning. Among other things, she led the establishment of the "Leap Center" - a non-profit initiative that accompanies urban and regional development processes, mainly in the periphery of Israel. Yael holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science and Sociology from the Hebrew University, and a master's degree in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University.

Lt. Col. (Ret.) elite Israeli intelligence special forces with 28 years of service to the Prime Minister’s office, including as Chief Innovation Officer. As Managing Director of “The Garage” innovation hub, incubated & accelerated over 75 early-stage, multi-use startups for applications in Israel and worldwide. Advisor and keynote speaker to global HLS organizations. MBA from the University of Haifa.

Rabbi Leor Sinai is a Global Speaker, Education Diplomacy Thought-Leader, and long-time Zionist educator. He is a Legacy Heritage Foundation Fellow and Doctoral Candidate in the field of Education Leadership. Sinai serves on the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Board of Governors as Chair of the Youth Aliyah & Absorption Committee, is a board member at Kol Israel—the General Zionist faction at the World Zionist Organization and is on the board of Atchalta—a non-partisan think tank advancing social cohesion and national resilience in Israel. In addition to serving as an educator and global speaker, Sinai consultants to agencies advancing 21st Century Israel Education, Leadership Development, and Organizational Advancement. Originally from New York, Sinai made Aliyah with his family in 2011.

Daphna Kaufman is a research and strategy expert, focusing on contemporary antisemitism, who has written extensively on the challenges of Jewish and pro-Israel communities face within U.S. progressive circles. Daphna directed the Israel Institute for Innovative Diplomacy, and served as the Reut Institute’s Director for Policy and Strategy. She has also worked for AIPAC and for The Israel Project, both in their Washington, D.C. headquarters. She currently directs resource development for Molad- The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy.

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